Kaziklu Bey

Lord of Execution. Lancer of “Black”'s Noble Phantasm. It can unleash a maximum of twenty thousand stakes in the territory he has set up with his skill “Demonic Defender of the State.” It can be used to attack, defend or regulate the movements of the enemy. Due to the being set up in Romania, the territory created by “Demonic Defender of the State” here is the largest of any Holy Grail War. Not only does the damage from the stakes pile up, they attack one after another with overwhelming numbers reaching twenty thousand, living up to Vlad III's nickname “Lord of Impalement.”
Though the power of each individual stake is low, they deal additional continuous damage through “penetration” for some time after even one of them is stabbed into the enemy. Furthermore, if his spear hits the enemy even once, it will cause stakes to be created from within the enemy's body and pierce them from inside out. When this happens, nothing can be done, and the enemy will end up suffering in excruciating pain until they die.
…Well, the fact that there was an unbelievable Servant who would circulate fire through his own body in order to incinerate the stakes within him was probably a miscalculation for Vlad.

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